The effects of an acute training protocol on the amount of VIP hormone secretion and lipid profile of plasma in male rats


MohammadAmin Delavari 1 , * , Farhad Daryanoosh 2 , Fahimeh Blook 3 , Azam Abbaszadeh 4


1 Instructor Department of Physical Education, Hormozgan University, Bandar Abbas,Iran

2 Assistant Professor Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences , Shiraz University, Shiraz,Iran

3 BSc of Physical Education , Education District Number Two of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Abbas, Iran.

4 Instructor Department of Physical Education , Hormozgan University, Bandar Abbas,Iran


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 20 (2); e87828
Published Online: June 22, 2015
Article Type: Research Article
Received: October 30, 2014
Accepted: June 22, 2015




Introduction: Hypertensive disease is a medical term for high blood pressure. It makes the heart work more natural conditions. The most important effect of VIP hormone on cardiovascular system is vasodilatation.The aim of this research is to study the effects of an acute training protocol on the amount of VIP hormone secretion and lipid profile of plasma in male rats.

Methods: 30 male rats were accidently selected from the rats held in the animal laboratory of Shiraz university of Medicine Sciences, and they were randomly divided into two groups, the experimental group (n=15, weight=200-250gr, age=1 month) and the control group (n=15, weight=200-250gr, age=1 month). The experimental group rats were trained acutely for 4 weeks, 3 sessions per week (in sum there were 12 sessions) based on overload principle on an animal treadmill, with the control group received no training at all. Following a general anesthesia by Ether, a 5cc blood sample was drawn from the heart of the rats by an animal surgeon, 24 hours after final exercise session and 12 to 14 hours after fasting. For data analysis, t-test and SPSS 18 software were used.

Results: The results illustrate that after 4 weeks of acute training, there was no significant difference between experimental and control groups.

Conclusion: On the basis of these finding, it could be concluded that 4 weeks of acute exercise could not change the amount of VIP hormone secretion and level of HDL, LDL and VLDL of plasma in rats.


Exercise Hormone Lipoprotein

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