Investigating the necessary cases of genetic counseling in couples referred to pre-marriage test centers, Yazd, Iran


Mohammad Hasan Sheikhha 1 , * , Elham Asadi Ghajarloo 2 , Maryam Shahali Ramesheh 2 , Maria Faghihi 3 , Abdolazim Eghbal 4 , Maryam Alagheband 5 , bibiFatemeh Haghirosadat 6


1 Associate Professor of Medical Genetics, Shahid Sadoughi Medical Sciences University of Yaz, Yaz, Iran.

2 BS in Laboratory Sciences, Shahid Sadoughi Medical Sciences University of Yaz, Yaz, Iran.

3 Master of Information Systems, Ashkezar Islamic Azad University, Yazd, Iran.

4 BS in Education, Shahid Sadoughi Medical Sciences University of Yaz, Yaz, Iran.

5 Master of General Psychology, Payam Noor University.

6 Student of Nanotechnology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 15 (2); e88469
Published Online: April 11, 2011
Article Type: Research Article
Received: February 06, 2011
Accepted: April 11, 2011




Introduction: Genetics counseling has an important role in preventing genetics
abnormalities. These abnormalities have economical, social, psychological and emotional
stresses on families and on community. Therefore, it is necessary to have careful programs
to increase the knowledge of people about the importance of genetics counseling. In this
study, the necessary cases of pre-marriage counseling, regarding, genetic diseases, were
Methods: In this Cross-Sectional descriptive study, 272 couples who were referred to
Yazd, Nikoopour center from March to July 2008 were investigated. A designed
questionnaire was completed for all couples and a sample of their peripheral blood was
taken for testing blood indices. The data were analyzed, using Chi-square test with 0.05%
significance level.
Results: Regarding consanguinity, 39 (14.3%) couples were close relatives. In 35 (12.9%)
couples there were diseases in first degree relatives, that indicates the necessity of genetic
counseling. These diseases were in the second degree relatives of 19 (7%) couples and in the
third degree relatives of 58 (21.3%) couples. Overall, 127 (46.69%) couples were candidate
for genetics counseling.
Conclusion: This study indicated the importance of doing genetic counseling for the newly
married couples. It is recommended that the responsible organizations inform the young
people about the importance of genetic counseling.


Genetic Counseling – Consanguineous Marriage - Couples

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