Survival rate of women with ovarian cancer in Fars Province, Iran


Zhaleh Najafi 1 , Mozhgan Rivaz 2 , * , Peymaneh Shokrollahi 3 , SeyedMohammadJavad Shamsnia 4

1 Instructor Department of Nursing,Islamic Azad University, Firouzabad Branch , Iran.

2 Instructor Department of Nursing , Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

3 PhD Student of Fertility Health,Islamic Azad University, Firouzabad Branch , Iran.

4 Instructor Department of Epidemiology , Islamic Azad University, Firouzabad Branch , Iran.

How to Cite: Najafi Z, Rivaz M, Shokrollahi P, Shamsnia S. Survival rate of women with ovarian cancer in Fars Province, Iran, Hormozgan Med J. 2013 ; 16(6):e88054.


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 16 (6); e88054
Published Online: December 25, 2011
Article Type: Research Article
Received: August 03, 2011
Accepted: December 25, 2011




Introduction: Ovarian cancer is the 6th most common cancer and the 7th cause of death from cancer in women all around the world. The aim of this study was to determine the related factors with survival of ovarian cancer among women in Fars Province, southern Iran. Methods: In a survival analysis study, the recorded data at cancer registry center of Shiraz university of medical sciences related to women with ovarian cancer between years 2002-2009 were studied. Variables such as residency, marriage status, occupation, religion, age, metastasis, abortion history, stillbirth history, menarche age, menopause age, prime gravid age, literacy, smoking, BMI and breast feeding history were collected from the cases. Results: Out of 201 women with ovarian cancer 22 cases died during the study with average survival rate of 86.14 months. 101 cases were residing in Shiraz city and 100 cases in other towns and villages. Marriage status, menarche age, abortion history, breast feeding history, metastasis and pregnancy history indicated relationship with death odds, whereas, in multiple analyses, only three of them (menarche age, metastasis and abortion history) indicated relationship with death odds. The results also showed a slight increase in both adjusted and unadjusted cumulative survival probability of 1, 2 and 3 years. Conclusion: In general, it may be concluded that, cumulative survival probability among patients of Fars province is comparatively higher than other areas.


Survival Analysis - Ovarian Neoplasms- Fars

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