Influence of pomegranate juice on sperm parameters and fertility in mice


Omid Amini Rad 1 , * , Mohammadali Khalili 2 , Hamidreza Soltani Gord Faramarzi 3

1 Medical Student, Shahid Sadughi Medical University of Yazd, Yazd, Iran.

2 Research & Clinical Center for infertility, Shahid Sadughi Medical University of Yazd, Yaz, Iran.

3 Medical Student, Islamic Azad University of Yazd, Yazd, Iran.

How to Cite: Amini Rad O, Khalili M, Soltani Gord Faramarzi H. Influence of pomegranate juice on sperm parameters and fertility in mice, Hormozgan Med J. 2009 ; 13(3):e88770.


Hormozgan Medical Journal: 13 (3); e88770
Published Online: July 08, 2009
Article Type: Research Article
Received: August 27, 2007
Accepted: July 08, 2009




Introduction: Sperm fertilization depends on a number of factors such as sperm
count, motility and morphology. A variety of factors, including free radicals, may
disturb the sperm characteristics. Elements such as vitamins C & E and polyphenols
have anti-oxidental effects. Since sperms are weak in overcoming free radicals; the
aim of this study was to determine the effect of (PJ) on sperm count, morphology,
motility and fertility in mice.
Methods: In an experimental study, 20 male mice were studied with regard to their
sperm parameters and fertility potential. Sperms were categorized into three groups
with respect to their motility including progressive, non-progressive, immotile. Mice
were divided into control group (n=10) and experimental group (n=10), randomly.
The experimental group received 20% pomegranate juice for 1 month and one
generation from each group was selected. By means of SPSS, Mann-Whitney test was
used to compare the two groups.
Results: The results showed that pomegranate juice consumption increased sperm count
in cases (49.7±13.6) companed to control group (34.2±15.1). The difference was
statistically significant (P=0.014). The rate of non progressive motility in case group was
decreased when compared with control group (P=0.007). In addition, the normal
morphology of cases improved significantly (P=0.001). The rate of fertility increased
from 5.5±3.3 to 10.0±1.3 in case mice (P=0.007).
Conclusion: Pomegranate juice is able to improve the quality of sperm parameters, as
well as fertility potential in mice. Probably, intake of this antioxidant by infertile men
improves the quality of their sperm parameters.


Pomegranin Protein Punica Granatum – Sperm Capacitation – Sperm Count – Sperm Motility - Fertility

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